Vision 2030

The purpose of this document is to lay down the vision of Prayer United for the 10 years from 2020-2030. To this end we want to define: Why we are? Who we want to be? How do we get there?


Why we are?

We at Prayer United are a prayerfully united group of Christian engineers, information technology professionals, creative designers and critical thinkers, who in coming together desire to create innovative solutions that aid the work of Gospel based missions around the world.


Hence, we exist to:


  1. Provide open sourced engineering solutions to missions.
  2. Build these solutions as platforms or services for missions to use.
  3. Taking on the financial obligation of  building such solutions and services, so that they are widely available.

Who we want to be?

As we grow in numbers we want to be an ubiquitous presence in the missions field through the following endeavors:


  1. Have an effective framework to identify problems in the missions field that can be solved through technology.
  2. Be a powerful force of innovation that works at identifying effective, efficient and broad based solutions for such problems and implement those solutions with industry level competency while open sourcing them.
  3. Wisely bear the cost of such solutions so that they are generally available to all without consideration of financial capability of the user, while focusing greatly on financial stewardship.

How do we get there?


We prayerfully and humbly desire to achieve these goals by taking strategic steps in the following directions:


  1. Develop a paradigm based on prayerful consideration for the decision making process inside the Executive Leadership.
  2. Build a network of service focused business and technical professionals who encourage one another in spiritual growth and investment of their specific talents and skills in expanding the kingdom of God.
  3. Grow our team to include Godly, competent, dedicated professionals who will contribute to our goals of identifying, implementing and funding solutions.
  4. Grow the executive leadership and board leadership to be effective in guiding the organization, while removing single points of failure.
  5. Develop and implement an effective financial model to facilitate the growth and effectiveness of the organization.
  6. Develop strong relationships with groups  and leaders that will help us implement our vision through advice, guidance and their influence and network.