Introducing our new Support Portal

So far our support requests were submitted by email to the developers associated with it. While it was trivial, it was largely inefficient. The stack of emails would grow, and there would be no efficient mechanism to track a particular support issue. For this reason we had made the decision to setup a simple to use but efficient support resolution center, where support issues are handled with tickets.

The portal is easy to use and handle for both our developers and clients. This is a private system and all our clients would be assigned access to this bug tracking system.

Thus support portal is based off an open source bug tracking software called MantisBT. We have installed, stabilized and ope-rationalized this software for the convenience of our clients.

We hope that as our client base grows, this tool would be greatly helpful for fast and efficient tracking and resolution of issues across the various systems we maintain.

The support portal could be accessed from:

News Update by Rijo Simon, 10/13/2012 from Fairbanks, AK

New website for CHAI launched


Prayer United has launched a new website for the Church History Association of India (CHAI). The Church History Association of India is an ecumenical body which works at exploring and documenting the history of Christianity in India. Our purpose in supporting this organization is to help them with their historical research interest so they can help document accurate history of Indian Churches of various denominations so that these resources could be used by theological institution across South Asia and in globe in general.

By being an IT partner for CHAI and providing them with affordable IT services we hope to help them in providing affordable, cheap and effective services to their client base. Our support to CHAI is based on our commitment to enhancing theological knowledge and information across the unreachable parts of the world.

We hope to continue on this track and provide them with more advanced IT services.

You can visit this website at:

News Update by Rijo Simon, 10/11/2012 from Fairbanks, AK