Reorganizing Prayer United

Hi All,

Recently Prayer United initiated a reorganization within the various teams to focus ourselves to our larger goal of growing into an organization that can increasingly provide facilitation services to ministries across the world and engage the internet with evangelizing opportunities. For this we have grouped ourselves into four divisions that will help us achieve our goals in the present and scale our capabilities to achieve our future goals.

Within Prayer United Engineering, under the leadership of Jacob Rasmuson, we would continue to provide our existing web services and also hope to engage the internet with tools that provide opportunities for people to realize the love of Christ and learn more about the Bible, and which would enhance worship, prayer, and learning opportunities.

Within Prayer United South Asia and the Middle East, under the leadership of Sam K Thomas, we would continue our mission facilitation across South Asia, and hope to increasingly engage the Middle East with opportunities of Christian Evangelization. This division would be supported with the localization efforts for platforms and tools that are put online by PU Engineering.

Within Prayer United Finance, under the leadership of Anson Jacob, we would continue to strive to provide ethical, open, and transparent financial practices of Prayer United. This division would also continually strive to challenge how financial aid is provided and financial engagement is established with the ministries that we work with and how funding is dispensed across various divisions and clients.

Within Prayer United General, under the leadership of the Chief Executive Officer, we would operate all the teams that don’t come under the above three divisions. This would include Prayer United Communications, Fundraising, etc.

The Chief Executive Officer would also provide general leadership to all the above divisions. Prayer United’s leadership strategy is increased autonomy and decentralization. This reorganization is part of this strategy.

Please pray for us that this reorganization leads to an increased ability to do our job better, and opportunities to scale our services and jobs as required.


Rijo S Simon

Chief Executive Officer

Prayer United  




We at Prayer United have an exciting new direction we would like to go. Using the gifts God has given us, with technology and the community that we have already started to discover, we would like to start an open source community called OpenPU. The website will start with a forum, blog, and code repository and grow with the community to solve many different issues that missionaries and Christian organizations have, and do it in a way that is general enough for multiple organizations and will allow large group collaboration for ongoing development and support. We desire to use the skills and abilities that are already developed in the Global Christian Community of computer programmers and designers. The website will also be a hub of information and continual learning to develop skills in a God fearing group of individuals growing in our ability to love our neighbor using technology.

Our plan, once the website and development environment is ready, is to quickly put some of the ideas and attempts that others in our community have started into a position to be easily taken and added to by new developers. This is to allow easier collaboration and autonomous development so that people get the resources they need but don’t feel micromanaged. We would love to see the community grow and be able to build on what has already been started across the Internet. These broad goals are all subordinate to the ultimate goal of seeing Jesus Christ magnified all over the world. I ask you to pray that God would grant us grace to build his kingdom however we are gifted.

I am reminded of Nehemiah 3 where it lists by name those who are building the wall. Each builds a small section by their house. Because the Lord was with them, because they were many, and because they readied themselves for the project in Nehemiah 2:4 they finished it. I ask you to look at what could be your part in this huge task. As soon as the forum is available we would desire your input to grow this community. Suggest ways to leverage existing technology to reach more people with the gospel. Ideas about websites, bible software, theological technologies, and any other ways we can help God’s kingdom grow are all welcome.   We are excited to see how God will build his kingdom.

Jacob Rasmuson

Chief Technology Officer