Introducing Missions Team

Prayer United is using 2018-2020 to scale up to start working on our 2030 Vision. It is sort of a preparatory period where we want to crystalize our vision, lay down processes to optimize our work and to setup a leadership to spearhead this effort.

Part of this 3 year spanning effort is to setup teams that will help us form our processes and work towards our vision with greater agility and scalability.

The Prayer United Missions team lead by Galen Dresser will play a crucial role in making this possible.

The goal of Missions team is to establish relationships with missionaries and turn that engagement into channels of identifying problems and turning them into opportunities to develop innovative solutions.

In the coming days we would love to attract talented people with excellent communications skills and a passion for technology and missions to come work with us in our missions team. If working for such a team sounds like something that God maybe edging you towards, contact Galen at gdresser[at]prayerunited[dot]net

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