Prayer United is a not for profit community that strives at serving the Creator of this World in novel ways. We do this by adhering to our core belief: ‘In the service of Humanity, is the service of Christ.’

The vision of Prayer United is “to facilitate the spread of the truth of Christian Salvation to people of every tribe, language, and nation.”

Our general vision is three-dimensional:

  1. Encourage, initiate and support Christian Research and Thinking.
  2. Provide support to Missions and Missionaries functioning in third world and unreached countries.
  3. Encourage, initiate and support projects to uplift societies in regions that are socially, economically and politically depraved.

Prayer United was founded by Rijo Simon and Anson Jacob in 2010 with the initial cause of providing technical support to missionary organizations and Christian non-profits involved in theological education and social/charitable pursuits. Since then, with increased volunteer and financial support, improved network of well-wishers and believers in our vision and most importantly a God given plan for growth, we have been able to enhance our vision and walk in the path that God has set before us. We are now involved in Web App Development, Support of Theological Education and Research and Support of missionaries and missionary organizations.

For any additional information regarding us,

email us at: info@prayerunited.org

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