A letter from our CEO


Dear Prayer United Patrons and Staff,

All Glory and Honor to our Lord and Savior, Jesus.


Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 10.31.55 AM        We had set out with the purpose of streamlining and organizing Prayer United to be an                                    organization that can scale fast and easy, with as little overhead as possible. And this year I am happy to inform you that we are in a place where we aspire to grow in accordance with the will of God. We believe that our organization is strong enough and our commitment to the mission ahead of us is resolute enough to pursue an aggressive strategy of growth.

We want to grow as a team, we want to grow in our revenues, and we want to grow in the quality of services we provide to our various clients, who are ministries working among some of the most challenging people and places in the world. In addition to this, we hope to grow aggressively in putting Christian media on the internet.

While this summarizes everything we wish to do in the year 2015, this letter will run longer so that I can share with you the convictions, reasons, and needs for which we wish to pursue the above goals…


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