Prayer United 2019 and Beyond: Radical Transformation


Prayer United is undertaking a radical transformation with regard to how we operate and what we do. Primarily it means we are moving away from website/web app development for ministry clients. We are developing a plan to transition those clients, whose web assets we host and manage, to either self-sufficiency or limited financial-aid based support. The goal of this transformation is to move away from creating web assets for ministry clients, which is what Prayer United started off doing in 2009, to creating groundbreaking technology products that enable world-changing missions. If you want more information on how this will affect you, please keep reading on.

The year 2019 is a brave new world for Prayer United. It has been 10 years since I slapped together a simple website which brought the good news of Jesus Christ through the works of Evang. Saju J Mathew to thousands across the world. I still remember the exhilaration that I felt when I saw the amazing work God could do with my meager HTML/CSS skills. The journey since has been humbling. Many mistakes were made, but I would like to say that we learned immensely and have grown immensely. And we are hoping and praying that 2019, our tenth year, is a culmination of all we have learned and everything God has shown us regarding this ministry’s future.

To start with I want to be very clear regarding what we are NOT doing, going forward:

  1. We will NOT build new website projects.
  2. We will NOT work on any projects to enhance or improve an existing website project.
  3. We will NOT accept new clients to host on our private servers.

This is what it means for our existing clients:

  1. We will not maintain any of the existing web assets after June 2019. Starting January 2019 we will be in communication with you to discuss transitioning away from Prayer United resources, including human resource and infrastructure support. As part of this effort, we will work with most you to transition your web assets to an independent infrastructure and help you identify a roadmap on how to continue maintaining your web assets. The reasoning behind this that the technological shifts since 2009 have made it possible to create web assets with very little to no technical know how. We aren’t sure if continuing to do web development is where we serve the Lord best.
  2. If we identify that you are not financially able to maintain the web assets, we will work with you to provide financial-aid based support to help you continue your web asset journey.
  3. If you currently have a Google Suite account through us, we will continue to support it, but we will also set clear expectations on what future use and support of those services will look like.
  4. We promise to not leave you in a lurch but to support you in a way that the web assets that we have helped you develop have a sustainable future.
  5. Unless you use the Google Suite service through us, we will transfer your domain name ownership to you. As part of that process, we will discuss with you your ability to financially maintain the ownership of such domain names.

This is what it means for our volunteers:

  1. Please have plans to wrap up all your existing projects with our existing clients by June 2019.
  2. Please don’t signup for any new projects/enhancements/feature development with any existing clients.
  3. Please be patient with us as we get further clarity on our future. We will make sure that in the journey forward every step is documented and communicated with clarity.

The Future

So what does the future for Prayer United look like?

  1. We will write CODE: We will work on identifying and developing technology that can radically enable world-changing missions.
  2. We will decide if we can provide Google Suite as a Service: We are working on figuring out the policies and feasibility of providing Google Suite as a Service to qualified missionary organizations.
  3. We will work at Understanding how we can engage with local underprivileged communities.
  4. We will put together a new Board of Directors that is engaged in the renewed vision of Prayer United.
  5. We will bring together a new Leadership team that will be passionate about serving the Lord through the ministries of Prayer United.
  6. We will continue to attract great Computer Scientists and Technologists to serve the Lord with their advanced skills.
  7. We will continue to be heavily committed to being a tentmaking ministry.
  8. We will tell our story loudly, with clarity.

Thanks for your patience.

God Bless and Merry Christmas,

Rijo Simon